BOYTEM’s quality commitment  is progressive. This commitment includes the following points:

• Regarding with all goods and services which produced by BOYTEM; continous developments , as work units & quality management are our  priority. Therefore Boytem’s management organizes  related goals, objectives, following up progress , obtain and allocate  the necessary resources.

•  All commitments of work , customer satisfaction will be the  basic rules of BOYTEM. All Improvement of the quality, company’s commitment to contractual requirements will be obeyed by BOYTEM.

• BOYTEM’s employees will realize  all programs  based on this policy and the company’s mission and vision. BOYTEM’ s management will  guarantee all training support and information studies for all its employees.

• Policy and understanding of company objectives, the effective development of quality performance and customer satisfaction Boytem executes to ensure follow-up of management control activities

General Manager

Mohammed EL FAOUZI